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My Story



I am a bilingual registered social worker with a passion for helping youth achieve their full potential.  I offer a safe a respectful environment for children, teens and parents to communicate and collaborate for improving their individual and family functioning. 

I believe that children are resilient and are capable to mastering their physical and mental well-being with tools and interventions that increase their self-esteem, social skills, communication and copy strategies.  I used fun and creative activities that are adequate for developmental stages and family life cycles.  I have helped youth experiencing mental health challenges (OCD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, anger, and trauma) resulting from negative life experiences such as bullying, separation and divorce, abuse and neglect.

I possess a Bachelor of Social Work from King’s University College and a Master of Social worker from the University of Windsor. While draw on family systems, narrative and play therapy when working with families, I am a cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner (level I & II).  I am currently completing a trauma certificate with Wilfred Laurier University.  

In my spare time, I help the elderly, and advocate for equality and social inclusion of oppressed populations through community organizations. When I am not helping others, I enjoy spending time with my partner travelling and visiting with our children. 


I offer session in St. Thomas, London and virtually. Please reach out if you would like to connect further! 


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