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Meet Rebecca

Hello there! My name is Rebecca and I'm a registered social worker with clinical experience in mental health, addiction, child and youth mental health, and dual-diagnosis. My education includes an Honours undergraduate degree in Social Work with minors in both criminology and Indigenous studies. My approach to therapy includes cognitive-behavioural therapy and mindfulness with emphasis on using a strength based approach. 

With all of the challenges that life brings, and the changes and stressors that we all have experienced over the last few years, our mental health and wellness needs to be strong. As a therapist, one of my many strengths is the empathy and compassion I bring to each session, and my ability to work to support my clients without judgement. I understand the importance of collaboration and use my own personal eclectic approach that fosters room for positive change in both the clients and their families that I work with. 


In my free time I love to go hiking with my children and our two dogs. I enjoy spontaneous car rides and being outside in nature. I love being by the water and often take trips to the beach even when it's cold, just to sit and watch the waves and listen to the soothing sounds of nature. I love to cook, and spend time hosting family gatherings, and all of the aforementioned are a huge part of my self-care regimen. I truly believe and recognize in both myself and my clients the importance of practising self care, and having balance within our lives, even if that balance means we have to set boundaries that may disappoint others, I believe it is essential for our mental health to do so. These ideologies contribute greatly to my therapeutic approach. 


I look forward to working together collaboratively to support you and your family to the best of my ability!


To get in touch with Rebecca, please send her an email or call our clinic.

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